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Parminder Nagra Fans

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All Members , Moderated
This community was created for all the fans of Parminder Nagra, and her roles in Bend it Like Beckham and ER. Feel free to post pictures, icons, and banners of her. Share you thoughts, opinions and news on Parminder.

Community Rules

1. Please stay postive. All negative posts will be deleted.

2. Please try to avoid excessive use of profanity, abbreviations and slang.

3.Try to avoid fighting with fellow members. If you do run into a problem please contact through email.

4. Please post all pictures, more than four icons and extremely long entries behind a cut. This just helps to keep the journal from looking too clutered.

5. Any icons, layouts, banners or suggestions for the community page are more than welcome.

6. HAVE FUN!!!!

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